Mediafire Launches Pool, a Photo Sharing App With Some Smarts

mediafire pool app

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How often do you share photos with friends, especially those you just took in a group setting? For many of us, the answer is “A lot.” A new app from Mediafire, called Pool, is attempting to make this process easier than ever.

With Pool, you get an app that isn’t just another cloud storage service for your photos. In fact, it’s not a storage service at all. Mediafire says that Pool is more of a personal assistant for your photos than anything, because it looks through your image galleries and then makes suggestions for sharing based on “where you are and the people you’re with.” 

Of course, in order for this to work well, everyone you know also needs to have it installed, because as far as we can tell, Pool uses your contacts to find friends with Pool installed, so that it can then share via the app.

Pool works on both Android and iOS, shares full resolution photos, allows you to save those you received from a friend to your device, and is private.

Here are the big features:

  • Auto Suggestions: Pool makes photo sharing suggestions based on where you are and the people you’re with
  • Private: Pool only shares photos with the people you choose using the proven infrastructure of MediaFire
  • Cross-Platform Sharing: Pool works with iOS or Android devices
  • High Resolution: Shared photos are at full resolution
  • Reminders: Pool reminds you to share photos if you forget
  • Activity Feed: Pool keeps track of the photos you’ve sent and received
  • Save to Camera Roll: Pool saves photos directly to your device.
  • Pool is not another cloud storage service.

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To see more of Pool, head over to its new website.



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