TAG Heuer Connected Unboxing and Tour!

tag heuer connected unboxing

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Well, we went ahead and grabbed the TAG Heuer Connected. Yep, the $1,500 Android Wear watch from the Swiss luxury watch maker is in house and almost on wrist (once it charges). We figured, hey, this is the first true “luxury” Android Wear device and we should probably see what the experience is all about. While I’m sure there aren’t a whole bunch of you lining up to spend that kind of money on a watch that will more than likely be outdated in a year or so, it’s still an important moment in the history of smartwatches and should be tackled by someone. That someone might as well be us. 

So to kick off the review game, we are doing our usual unboxing, though this is a bit different in that the experience changes when you are talking about a $1,500 luxury item. There is more box and packaging talk than you probably want, but you’ll just have to deal with it.

Otherwise, this unboxing runs through the watch’s specs again, shows the 46mm case on wrist, some general first impressions, and more.

Let us know what you think!


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