Blackberry Priv Unboxing and Tour!

blackberry priv unboxing

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Oh, hey, physical keyboard lovers. We have a special treat for you today in the form of the Blackberry Priv. What’s that? There aren’t any real keyboard lovers left, only those who once thought they loved physical keyboards before realizing that on-screen keyboards were better but now are trying to re-convince themselves that maybe, just maybe, a physical keyboard made by Blackberry that is attached to mostly stock Android could be a winner? Yeah, well, this is for you! 

Now that the Blackberry Priv is in house, we plan to give it the ol’ dipsy-doo review. Of course, we first wanted to take it for a spin in the unboxing machine to give you some first impressions with this Android-powered Blackberry phone. How odd does that sound? “Android-powered Blackberry phone.” Weird.

Anyways, here we go! Full review is on the way.


blackberry priv-5

blackberry priv-13

blackberry priv-10

blackberry priv-11

blackberry priv-6

blackberry priv-4

blackberry priv-2



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