Google Announces the ASUS OnHub WiFi Router, Priced at $220

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Google introduced a new OnHub WiFi router this morning, this time produced by ASUS. The other OnHub router, currently available for $199, is made by TP-Link. The ASUS OnHub will be available for sale on November 3 for $220, from what should be a solid list of retailers. 

What makes the ASUS-made OnHub different? Well, according to Google, this router features Wave Control, which lets you boost the WiFi speed for a particular device by simply waving your hand over the top of the OnHub unit.

For all OnHub devices, ASUS and TP-Link, Google will soon send out an OTA update to units, bringing a new smart antenna algorithm. This update will allow the router to intelligently select the best connection for a device, wherever it may be inside a home. This update will hit existing OnHub devices manually, with no need for the owner to install it.

Pre-orders for the ASUS OnHub are now live on Newegg, with additional retailers opening up pre-orders soon.

Anyone here have an OnHub WiFi router? Do you like it?

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