Google is Giving Out Instant Project Fi Invites to Celebrate Nexus 5X Ship Day

nexus 5x

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The Nexus 5X is shipping today! We aren’t sure why the Nexus 6P isn’t and also have no idea when it will, but to celebrate half of the new Nexus family en route to your doorstep, Google has opened up Project Fi invites for the next 24 hours. Now is your chance to sign-up for Google’s hybrid wireless service that uses both Sprint and T-Mobile networks, along with public WiFi in an attempt to give you a rock solid connection at all times.

Tim spent a good month using Project Fi and wrote about it here, in case you were interested. 

The basics, as a quick recap, are the following. You pay $20 to get unlimited talk and text, then $10 per 1GB of data you use. Project Fi is different from other prepaid services in that you really only pay for exactly what you use, though. So if you sign-up for service and add 2GB of data to your month, you would pay $20 for talk/text and then $20 for the 2GB data. But should you only use 1.4GB of data, that only accounts for $14 of the $20 you spent on data, so Google then credits you $6 to use on your next month’s bill. Cool, right?

To sign-up, hit up this link.



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