Nest Announces 3rd Gen Thermostat With Bigger Display

nest 3rd gen deal

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Remember the Nest Thermostat we showed you last week, with the bigger display, that we called the 3rd gen model? Nest made it official today. Yep, the new Nest 3rd gen Learning Thermostat is real and available today from Nest.

The new device not only has a bigger, sharper display, but it’s also “thinner, sleeker, and more beautiful than ever.” Nest says that the new Thermostat knows when you walk into a room from a distance and will light up to show you the temperature or time or a big clock face. This new feature is called Farsight. 

That’s not all, though. The new Nest Thermostat should be more accurate, thanks to more temperature sensors, and better at “learning about your home.”

The new display is 480×480 (up from 320×320), which equates to 229ppi. Nest also tossed in 5GHz WiFi and Bluetooth LE.

Ready to upgrade?

Buy it here for $249.


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