Blackberry Venice…This Thing Right Here

blackberry venice

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The Blackberry Venice, a phone coupled with a slideout physical keyboard and mostly-stock Android, has fanboys of tech giggling like little boys who found their penis for the first time. It’s a keyboard! Like, the ones from back in the day on terrible smartphones that had good keyboards, but there is this thing called Android with it too! BEST. OF. ALL. WORLDS. I loved 2005!

Seriously, though, I haven’t seen this level of nerd hype since…I got nothing. But yeah, it’s everywhere right now, especially thanks to a massive leak out of Tinhte

Look at this thing.

blackberry venice

blackberry venice

blackberry venice blackberry venice

We really don’t know much other than these pictures show Galaxy S6 Edge-like display, SIM and SD card slots, either a 16MP or 18MP camera (depending on your eyes) that has super-duper fast autofocus and dual flashes, really random button setup (is that power in-between volume up and down?), and yep, a keyboard.

I think it’s poll time. We need to get to the bottom of this.

Via:  Tinhte



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