App Listings in Google Search Receive a Makeover

Google Search results are very important for many people. On mobile phones, they are becoming smarter, and now, prettier. The latest search results landing page to receive a makeover are app listings, a feature that has been inside search results for quite some time. Now, thanks to a server-side change at Google, any apps that are listed inside of a search result will be colored, giving a more tasteful aesthetic when browsing through categories of applications found on Google Play. 

To see this, all you need to do is search by a category of apps. For example, you can search for cooking apps, music apps, Twitter apps, or any other category. Google will then return the results, leaving you with a colorful page full of options for you to sift through.

As stated, this is a server side change, so no updated Google application is required on your smart device. It should just magically appear.

Go try it for yourself right now.



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