Video: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs. Galaxy S6 Edge

galaxy s6 edge+ vs s6 edge

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So, yeah, we have a Galaxy S6 Edge+ in house. Interested in it? We are, sort of. Since it’s really just a bigger version of the already-released Galaxy S6 Edge, it’s tough to take this phone all that seriously. OK, that’s not fair, because this phone is equally as good as the smaller Galaxy S6 Edge, it’s just that you already know everything about this phone for the most part, outside of how the Edge experience translates over to a bigger body. Because in reality, that is what we are looking at here. Sure, some specs differ here and there, but what you have in front of you is a blown up Galaxy S6 Edge with a “+” next to its name. 

But since we do have one here, we might as well spend some time with it and its gold body. Tim is well into getting some final thoughts together on the Galaxy Note 5, so until then, we’ll take up some of your time with this other big guy.

The first little thing we wanted to do is compare the new Galaxy S6 Edge+ to the original S6 Edge. In the video below, we talk spec differences, missing or tweaked features, how Samsung has improved the Edge software experience for the better, and how gorgeous that display is.

Here we go.


galaxy s6 edge+ vs s6 edge-14

galaxy s6 edge+ vs s6 edge-13

galaxy s6 edge+ vs s6 edge-9

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