Republic Wireless Soon to Roll Out Cell to WiFi Handover Updates

Republic Wireless

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Back in July, Republic Wireless began testing “Salsa” with customers, a codename for the Republic Labs #2 project. The project was for testing cell to WiFi handover, and now, testing appears to be complete, with Republic Wireless set to begin rolling out the feature to users over the next week. 

During testing, Republic Wireless states they had 1,800 folks helping and providing feedback, ultimately seeing improved voice offload by at least three percentage points. What this means, simply, is that more calls were placed over WiFi than cell. And for Republic Wireless, this is a good thing.

Three points may not sound like a lot, but every minute of additional time spent on WiFi helps us continue to offer services like our more-popular-than-ever $10 Talk & Text plan. How? Because it costs us more to power your calls on cell than your calls on WiFi — and we are committed to maintaining great pricing for our members, however we can.

Owners of a device on Republic Wireless, DEFYs and 2nd Gen Moto Xs running Kit Kat excluded, should see an update hit their device soon.

For additional information on the updates, look here.

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