Sorry, Verizon Unlimited Data Users, You Still Can’t Upgrade Cheaply

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Verizon’s new “The Verizon Plan” is now live and available for those interested in a simplified S-M-L-XL approach to voice and data service. We’ve talked a lot about it over the last week, even sharing exclusive details that were unavailable until today. But even with the info we were privy to, there was one subject we did not yet have an answer to that many having been on edge about – how does this all affect unlimited data users?

The subject was brought up because Verizon has insisted since announcing the new S-M-L-XL plans that if customers wanted to keep their current plans and still upgrade, they could without moving to the new plan. That news excited the hell out of unlimited data users who for all of these years have had to pay full retail for phones in order to keep their plans alive. Could Verizon be giving in to the handful that are left? 

Sorry, no.

While there are situations where customers get to keep their current plans, upgrade to new phones at a discounted rate, and sign a new contract, unlimited data users cannot. According to a FAQ dedicated just to unlimited data users, Verizon states the following:

I have unlimited data on my account. Do I need to change to The Verizon Plan if I want to get a new device?

No, you’re not required to switch to The Verizon Plan when you get a new device; however, you’ll only have the option to keep unlimited data if you pay the retail price for your new device. When you upgrade to a phone at a discounted price, you have the option to choose from either a voice plan with a standalone data package or The Verizon Plan.

There you have it. In order to keep your unlimited data plan, you still have to pay full retail.

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