Jaybird Announces Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones, With 8 Hour Battery Life (Updated)

jaybird x2

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Jaybird, a company that most would probably consider to be the best at making active Bluetooth headphones, announced a new product today called the Jaybird X2 as the follow-up to the largely successful Bluebuds X. The new X2 is available starting today from Best Buy and Jaybird’s website for $179. 

The improvements from the Bluebuds X to the Jaybird X2 are everywhere (Edit: Read updates below). This new model has three sizes of Comply Sport memory foam ear tips (previously an aftermarket accessory), enhanced audio, up to 8 hour battery life,  an architecture called SignalPlus that should eliminate interference, and a carrying case that actually holds all of goodies that come with the X2. Jaybird X2 also gets software updates, is still very sweat-resistant, and includes Secure Fit, Jaybird’s “patented redesigned ergonomic ear fins.”

The Jaybird X2 comes in a variety of colors this time around, including Storm (white), Charge (neon), Fire (red), Midnight (black), Ice (blue), and Alpha (green).

If you own the Bluebuds X, like I do, I would imagine that you are contemplating the upgrade. I know I am. The Bluebuds X are the best sport Bluetooth headphones I have used to date. The improvement in battery life alone is a big deal, let alone the improved audio that was already best in class.

Update:  We’ve got a chat planned with Jaybird today to talk through the improvements. I’ll update this post as I have more.

Update 2:  Alright, so after some confusion over how the new Jaybird X2 differs from (or betters) the original Bluebuds X, we’ve had a chance to chat with Jaybird to find out. Basically, what you are looking at is a component revamping that modernizes everything and upgrades the quality. So even though the specs all look very similar on paper, the reality is that you are getting brand new parts for 2015 instead of parts made for 2013. Jaybird told me that the new battery can probably squeeze out more like 9 hours of life, but will most definitely hit that 8 hour mark. They also include redesigned ear fins that should be more comfortable. As we mentioned, they even included the Comply Sport tips, which are a $10+ upgrade.

So while nothing stands out as being dramatically different on paper, you are getting brand new parts all around that should equal an upgraded product.

Best Buy Link ($179)

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