Samsung Reportedly Testing Tablet With Massive 18.4″ Display

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According to a leaked inventory image, Samsung is working on a new tablet, featuring a display size of a whopping 18.4″. Set to be tested in South Korea, with all seven of the prototypes to be destroyed upon completion so as not to be leaked, it is shown via the list that each unit costs roughly € 465. 

If this device does see the light of day, it will easily be Samsung’s largest tablet to ever launch publicly, with the biggest currently being the Galaxy Tab Pro at 12.2″. It is also possible that when and if we see this tablet hit the market, it will be advertised to overseas countries and not the US, as many markets outside of America use tablets as their primary means of media consumption, and not a TV.

Regardless, 18.4″ is certainly big, even for Samsung.

Would you be interested in such a monstrous device?


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