Google Contributor Now Open to Public, Support Websites and See Cat Ads

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Google Contributor, the service that allows you to pay a monthly fee to browse the worldwide web somewhat ad-free, is now available for anyone to use. To break it down, depending on how much money you contribute per month, you will be served fewer advertisements on sites that are enrolled. 

We took Contributor out for a spin not too long ago, concluding that the service is pretty awesome. Sites that use Google’s ad services, like AdSense, see a small portion of your monthly contribution in their account, making it a win-win for users.

Kellen said the following in his writeup on Contributor.

Right now, I’m paying $10 per month and am already seeing a lot less ads. Of course, we all know that ad-block is free, but to website owners like me, ad-block is a pretty horrible product that only hurts our opportunity to keep producing content that is free to consume. I personally, am now enjoying the fact that ads in my browser are reduced on the sites I visit regularly, except I’m doing it while still helping these sites.

From what I can see, the pricing has not changed. You can choose between $2, $5, and $10 monthly contributions. The more you spend, the less ads you see. What I did notice is that Google Apps accounts are not supported. You will need a regular Gmail account to get started.

As Kellen stated, ad-block is free, but running a website and producing content is not. Not by a long shot. Google Contributor can help you support the sites you love, while blocking ads that annoy you.

If you are interested, follow the link below to sign up.

Google Contributor

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