Another Report Claims Samsung Will Announce the Galaxy Note 5 on August 12 or 13

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Last week, SamMobile, who is a go-to source for Samsung information, reported that Samsung would unveil the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ on August 12 in New York City. Coming straight from Korea’s Business Korea this morning, the date could be pretty much solidified as either the 12th of August or 13th.

To be clear, the first claim was for August 12, and now Korean sources claim August 13. It’s possible that all sources mean the same day, but the mixup is from the time zone differences in the US and Korea. From the US Pacific time zone to South Korea, the difference is 16 hours ahead. So, that means, our August 12 is their August 13. Make sense? 

Along with reference to this “early release” from Samsung, it seems people can’t help but mention the important role Apple is playing. With Samsung looking to beat Apple to market, before they release the iPhone 6S or whatever they will call their next lineup, Samsung is actually leaving themselves open to a poor performing holiday season, which is a time Apple is known for dominating.

As general consumers, we don’t exactly care when the device is launched, especially if it is some ploy to beat Apple, but it’s looking safe for you to pencil August 12 on your calendar as Samsung Day.

Via: Business Korea



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