ZNAPS Racks Up $400K on Kickstarter in Days, It’s Like MagSafe for Your Phone

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What happens when you love Apple’s MagSafe technology so much that you decide you must apply it to charging a phone? You get ZNAPS, a Kickstarter funded product that wants to make charging your phone easier than ever. It’s basically a MagSafe like charging plug that sits in the charging port of your phone, so that you can quickly charge a device without having to think about it or actually plug anything in. 

The GIF above shows ZNAPS (Who comes up with these things?) best in action. As you can see, it’s like a 2-part system. One part is the plug that attaches to your phone at all times in order to make this at all worth while. The other part is an attachment that bridges your phone’s charging cable and the plug that is inserted into your phone. With plug inserted and ZNAPS attachment on the end of your cable, you can quickly, through magnets, charge your phone by flipping the charger any which way.

It’s kind of a cool idea, right? Clearly, a number of people think so, as the project kicked off last week and has already eclipsed the $400K funding mark. In case you were wondering, the ZNAPS team originally only asked for $94K to get started.

What are some other benefits?

  • It unplugs or plugs without any effort, since all is powered by magnets.
  • It adds a level of waterproofing to your charging port, since it seals with rubber.
  • Works with cases!
  • It has a charging indicator.
  • You can still transfer data through it to a computer.
  • The ZNAPS team says it supports Quick Charge 2.0.

The ZNAPS adapter can be bought for both Android and iPhones, costs “about” $9 for a single connector and adapter, and could ship by November of this year. If you would like to back this project, which is already fully funded and will move towards production, hit up the source link below.

I’ll be over here on Team “No, I don’t ever want a nub hanging out of the bottom of my phone.”

Via:  Kickstarter
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