It’s #WorldEmojiDay! What’s Your Go-To Emoji?

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??? It’s World Emoji Day! Trust me, I’m with you in wondering why that’s a thing ?, but hey, it is. Embrace it or it’s going to be a long day on Twitter, my friends.

So, to show our support, let’s all share that go-to ? emoji that you seem to use over and over again. You know you have one. It’s the emoji that’s so convenient as it sits in your recently used list that you can’t help but tap it, even though deep in that emoji mind, you really wish you had the ❤ to branch out and be more creative like that friend of yours who always seems to have the perfect emoji for every situation. “Dammit, ??? wave emoji in our beach conversation! Why didn’t I think of that!” you constantly find yourself saying. It’s OK, the ? tongue face was cute…for the fifth time today. “Wait, I just typed out ‘peace’ but he went ✌!” It’s ?, one day you’ll figure out that emoji are great word replacements. That is the point after all. Come ?, today. This is the day.

What you got. ?



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