Here is Another Report Claiming That Huawei is Making a Nexus Phone

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Back in March, we first heard a rumor that Huawei was making the next Nexus smartphone (or at least one of them). We leaned towards believing it at the time, because a source of ours gave us the equivalent of a virtual wink when asked about it. Since that initial report, we have seen at least three others, all claiming to have heard similar stories. 

In case you needed another, take yesterday’s report from The Information’s Amir Efrati as the fifth in the past four months to suggest that Google and Huawei are holding hands in Nexus land. Efrati has a solid track record when it comes to Google-related inside info, so I wouldn’t take this latest report lightly.

If you were looking for juicy new details, though, you won’t find them here. This new report simply mentions that Huawei will become the “first mainland China” manufacturer to get Nexus making duties. It also talks about Huawei using this partnership with Google to make better phones going forward.

So, yeah, Huawei Nexus! (Again.)

Via:  The Information (subscription)



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