Instagram Rolling Out 1080px Photos to Your Timeline

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Big news for Instagram fans this morning, as a spokesman for the company confirmed plans to roll out support for the uploading of 1080px photos to the service. As most users on Android are likely aware, Instagram resizes your photos to just 640×640, but with our smartphones featuring more powerful image sensors than they did a few years ago, the uploaded photos never quite match the original photos in terms of quality. 

Instagram did not state when the update will be rolled out to users everywhere, but the first batch of users should start seeing a crispier feed starting today. It could be a subtle backdoor change, or could take a complete app update, but we don’t know the exact specifics quite yet.

I am currently running version 7.1.1 and may be seeing a bit higher quality of photos, but to the human eye, it is a bit hard to tell.

Let us know if your IG feed is looking better today.

Edit:  Clarified to 1080px.




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