Snapchat Update Brings New Functionality, Customization of BooR Code

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Snapchat is in the process of receiving an update this morning, bringing reworked functionality for fans of the app. Before the update, users would need to hold down their finger to view incoming snaps and stories. But now, all you need to do is tap on the snap and it will play automatically, no holding needed. 

In addition to easier viewing, users can customize their Snapcodes (BooR code) with selfies, bringing a more personal touch to those who wish to friend you on the network. You can also share your Snapcode directly from the app, making the process of adding friends easy.

Have a look at the changelog, then follow the link below to grab the update.

What’s New

  • Tap To View — Now it only takes one tap to view a Snap or Story.
  • Improved Snapcodes!
  • Tap your Snapcode to add a selfie!
  • Add by Snapcode — Screenshot a friend’s Snapcode, then go to Add Friends to add them!
  • Share your Snapcode — Export your Snapcode directly from the app.

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