Humble BulkyPix Bundle Features Type:Rider and Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, Average Just $3.85

Over the next six days, you can pick up the latest Humble Bundle, featuring a great collection of games from publisher BulkyPix. Inside, buyers can gain access to Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, Type:Rider, Jazz: Trump’s Journey, Meltdown, and more. 

Currently, the average price, which unlocks all of the games, is at just $3.85. Considering that these games individually in Google Play would cost over $50, that’s a great deal. Any amount over that price can be sent directly to Humble Bundle’s partnered charity, or the developers, depending on how you want it split up. This Humble Bundle directly supports the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

If you need a few new games, and want to help a great cause, get on it.

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