This Supermassive Black Hole Live Wallpaper Looks Sick

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If you are a bit of a space nut like myself, and find yourself thinking about black holes and different dimensions, might I suggest you check out this Supermassive Black Hole live wallpaper from Maxelus? This is the same team of developers who released other well-known live wallpaper apps such as Planet Packs, Tornado 3D, and Asteroids Pack. 

Once applied, you can choose from quite a few different preset scenes, including Inferno Clouds, Pegasus Galaxy, Banelord Nebula, and Sandstorm Galaxy. Each has its own set of characteristics that change color and show different forms. Of course, none of that matters, as you see it all sucked down into the black hole. The app also features a gyroscope, allowing you to see different angles when you tilt your device. Although, I disabled this setting because I found it distracting.

This wallpaper only costs $1.95, but does ask for an IAP permission. However, after looking through the app, I don’t see anywhere to make a purchase, so who knows why that permission is asked for. If you buy the app, you get full access to settings and themes. And before you ask, I am using it on a Galaxy S6 and I am not noticing any crazy changes in battery life. This isn’t 2011, people.

Check it out.

Play Link ($1.95)




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