Rovio’s Angry Birds Fight! Now Available in US, a Mix of Avian Mortal Kombat and Bejeweled

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Rovio has a new game available on Google Play for players in the US, titled Angry Birds Fight! In this game, which looks like a mashup of Mortal Kombat and Bejeweled, you rank up characters through various color matching puzzle levels, then fight other players with your characters in real-time. These players are all around the world, as Rovio has created a global bird-fighting network for people to enjoy. 

As you progress through the game, you travel to new islands, fight crazy-new pig monsters, and add legendary weapons to your inventory for whoopin’ bird booty.

Of course, being Rovio, the game is littered with IAPs. They range from cheap ($1.12) to stupidly expensive ($84.87), so keep an eye on your kid if they decide to start playing. The IAPs are used to upgrade weapons and power-ups.


  • Challenge the rest of the world to outrageous puzzle battles!
  • Fight your way to the top in the all-new global fight rank system!
  • Explore new islands, fight new Pig Monsters, and wield new legendary weapons!
  • Enhance your weapons and unleash their full power upon your opponents.
  • Keep an eye out for new, limited-time events coming soon!

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