Level Money Update Introduces “Flexible Money Management”

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On a basic¬†level, Level Money is an app that attempts absorb your life’s financial picture to tell you how much money you have to freely spend each day, week, or month. In an update released today on Android, Level Money now has a Flexible Money Management feature for those who may not have steady income or whose bills change from month to month.¬†

Think servers or commission-based jobs or those with flexible work schedules who take in cash at varying intervals. With Flexible Money Management, Level tries to “automatically adjust the amount you can spend when bills” or income fluctuates. The goal is still for Level to tell you how much money you have to spend, but with this new feature, a lot of the work should be taken out of it for those with not-so-typical schedules.

This is Flexible Money Management:

  • Set the frequency of income and bills to anything from weekly to yearly
  • Let Level deal with income and bills that arrive randomly
  • Spread commissions or bonuses over multiple months
  • Let Level automatically adjust the amount you can spend when bills fluctuate
  • Create bills to capture a wide range of expenses you want monitor
  • See income and bills that Level predicts for you
  • Have credits that come in each month increase your spendable cash

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