New Humble Bundle Posted With Hellraid: The Escape and More, Average Currently at $2.74

Humble Bundle, the service that lets you pay what you want for games, while also helping out charities, is back yet again with a new set of games for you to check out. 

Inside this bundle, users can pay whatever price for Timeline: Assault on America, The Ministry of Silly Walks, and Hellraid: The Escape. If you pay more than the average, currently at $2.74, you also gain access to Worm 3, Puzzle Retreat, and Twisty Hollow. As a reminder, if you pay more than the average now, you will get additional games for free next Monday when the bundle is updated.

A portion of proceeds from this Humble Bundle support Electronic Frontier Foundation and Worldreader.

Go get some cool games and support a few great charities.

Humble Bundle



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