Verizon Tweaks Edge Program, Only Lets You Upgrade Whenever Device is Paid in Full


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Verizon announced a new change to their Edge program this morning that affects the timing for your upgrades to a new phone when signed up for Edge. Starting May 31, participants in the Edge program will be able to upgrade “at any time after their prior Edge device is paid in full.” 

Previously (and currently until we get to May 31), Verizon has made you wait 30 days and pay up to 75% of the device off before being eligible to upgrade. They also required you to trade in your device at that time when upgrading. Now, they are taking away the 30-day time constraint and making you pay 100% of the phone off, but letting you keep the phone. Everything is much more simple now, only you also don’t get to upgrade early anymore. This is a device payment plan that gives you a discount off your line access, and that’s it.

Well, there you go, today’s Verizon news.

Edit:  Tweaked post to better clarify the trade-in, no-longer-have-to-trade-in change.

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