Noodlecake Launches Sunburn! to Google Play, Gather Your Crew and Jump Into the Sun

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Your crew is stranded in space, scattered along neighboring planets. You are the commanding officer of this failed mission, and it is up to you to gather your crew using a jetpack, and then fly everyone into the Sun. What a graceful death that would be. This is the story of Sunburn!, the latest title from Noodlecake Studios to hit Google Play. 

To scoop up your team members, you press on two sides of the display, powering your jetpack. Once you are away from a planet’s gravitational influence, you can steer yourself using maneuvering thrusters. Once on a planet, simply walk around to collect your crew, then launch yourself into the Sun.

Featuring 50+ puzzles for you to solve, coupled with very atmospheric music, the game reminds me a lot of Gravity, minus the flying into the Sun part.

The game costs $3 to start, but after that, there are no ads and no IAPs. I’m marking this game as a “Tato Top Pick.”

Play Link ($2.99)




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