Adult Swim Publishes Tofu Hunter to Google Play, Shoot Down Herds of Adorable Tofu

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In the latest game from Adult Swim, you are tasked with hunting and killing tofu. The game is called Tofu Hunter, which is basically a joke on the variety of Deer Hunter-like games available everywhere. In Tofu Hunter, you purchase a wide range of weapons to take down as many tofu critters as possible. 

The game features special tofu animals that will give you bonus points should you hit them, and also gives you a bonus when you spare tofu does. Different levels requite different guns. If your quota is not very high, you can take a high-powered rifle, or if you need to bag 50 tofu animals, you can take an assault rifle.

To me, the game is all about being an over-the-top hunter of sorts, even though you are hunting animals that don’t actually exist. They put cute, adorable little faces on the bouncing tofu, expecting you to be a complete animal and murder them all without thinking twice. It’s an odd game, but it plays very well.

Tofu Hunter is free to download from Google Play, but does feature IAPs which will help unlock guns and special attachments.

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