Moto X (1st Gen) Could Get Lollipop Update in Next “Few Weeks”

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Because the level of anger over the lack of a Lollipop update for the Moto X (1st gen) has risen substantially within recent weeks, Motorola’s David Schuster took to Google+ today to talk about the status of everything.

According to Schuster, they have seen a “lack of support” from some of their partners, thus the reason things have taken so long. “Partners” is a pretty generic term, so that could mean anyone from chipset makers (like Qualcomm) to their various carrier partners who need to approve updates before they can be pushed out. 

Speaking of pushing out an update, Schuster also mentioned that they are starting a “TestDrive” of the update to the 1st gen Moto X in both the US and Latin America. If things go well there, that could mean “full deployments in a few weeks.”

Here is his full post:

I know that a lot of people have been asking about the status of the Moto X (1st Gen) Lollipop upgrade. I can see the frustration and in some cases the anger about how long it has taken to get the upgrade deployed. It has been a struggle due to the lack of support from some of our partners but  I am glad to announce that we are starting TestDrive in both the US and LatAm. If all goes well we should start full deployments in a few weeks.

Not exactly, “Your update is coming tomorrow!” but at least it’s an update on the status of the situation.

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