Lucky T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge Owner Gets Android 5.1.1 Update

galaxy s6 edge update

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Last week, as we were telling you to expect Android 5.1.1 at any moment, we weren’t exactly including those of you who just picked up a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the conversation. No offense, but phones with OEM skins aren’t usually leading the pack when it comes to updates that feature the newest versions of Android. As it turns out, maybe we should have. 

According to a single member of XDA who happens to own the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge, Android 5.1.1 is rolling out! OK, “rolling out” probably isn’t an accurate term to use here, since this is one person with the update. No other owner of this phone has reported receiving it, which could mean a couple of things. One, this dude is incredibly lucky and somehow got roped into a test build, and two, he’s the first person on Earth to receive this update before T-Mobile rolls it out to more people. I’m guessing he falls into the first category, but time will tell.

This XDA member is also reporting that the bootloader of the phone is now locked, so there’s that, bootloader people.

I know that the answer will more than likely be “no,” but has anyone else seen the update?


Via:  XDA | SamMobile



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