Deal: Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light Brings LED Fun to Your Desk for $69

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I know that you probably never envisioned your life being better with a box full of colored LED lights that light up into shapes or animations while also showing you notifications from your phone, but it could potentially happen with the Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light, which is on sale in the DL Deals shop for $69.99. Or maybe you just want a cool accessory for your desk to play with during times of boredom. Whatever the case may be, the $10 discount only lasts for a couple more days.

The Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light, as I just mentioned, is a box full of colored LED lights. That box connects to your phone via Bluetooth to show you notifications from your favorite apps as they come in. But you can also sync the lights to a clock, customize how notifications arrive, push through various icons and animations, and even watch the lights animate to music that is playing on your phone.

Again, it’s kind of cool even if it is a niche product or office accessory that not everyone needs.

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