Be Gone Peeing Bugdroid! Google Apologizes for This Morning’s Maps Fun

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The peeing party is over. Google has apologized for this morning’s Google Maps action that involved their Android mascot relieving itself on the Apple logo. According to a statement released to the Washington Post, Google is “sorry for the inappropriate user-created content” found on Maps, which is them referencing a user submitted change to Google Maps via Map Maker. The search giant will learn from whoopsies like these and continue to “constantly” improve the way they “detect, prevent and handle bad edits.” 

For those not familiar with Map Maker, just know that Google uses it as a tool to help keep their Maps updated. Map Maker is open to users like you and I who want to fix errors in Google’s Maps, add new places, roads, hiking trails, etc. Of course, these edits are supposed to be checked out and then approved, but clearly, the process isn’t 100% foolproof.

Back to your Friday.

Via:  Washington Post



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