Amazon Unveils Extremely Innovative Shopping Tool Called Dash Buttons

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With April Fools’ Day just a few hours away, it was easy to first look at Amazon’s latest announcement, these Dash Buttons, as the latest goof from a tech company with too much money. After further research, it appears these things are actually real, which has forced at least one Internet resident to start foaming at the mouth. 

What are Dash Buttons? Amazon has partnered with many popular household brands to create buttons, but they’re more like clickers, that you place around your house. When you press on the button, they will order the product you have programmed, allowing for quick and painless product refills delivered right to your doorstep.

For example, if you seem to always run out of toilet paper, you can place a Cottonelle button right next to your porcelain throne in the bathroom. Or somewhere more discreet. If you need more K-cups for your morning coffee, you can order Maxwell coffee pods by simply clicking your Dash Button. For each product you need to order conveniently, you need a separate button. Although, each button is programmable to which product you want. This process is done via a WiFi connection with your smartphone.

According to Amazon’s announcement page, the Dash Button is limited to users of Amazon Prime (which allows for quick shipping of products), with an invite required to place an order for your very own Button. To see which brands are supported by the Dash Button, you can view the list here.

As for me, it might be pretty cool to have a button always in my home for things I constantly need to buy. Other folks, like Kellen, may not see this device as very useful. But we’re all allowed to have our own opinions, correct?

If you are a Prime member, follow the link below to request an invitation.

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