Question of the Day: Which Widgets are on Your Home Screens?

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When we talk about the differences in Android vs. iOS, someone almost always brings up one of Android’s strengths over its counterpart as being “widgets.” Sure, iOS claims to have widgets, but they are really just panels of info in their notification shade, not actual, living, breathing, widgets on home screens like we have on Android. So with that in mind, we want to know what widgets you are currently using or always include on a home screen with each new launcher or phone. We are well aware that there are some great options out there from some of the best apps around that we more than likely aren’t taking advantage of.

For me personally, I keep things pretty minimal. I tend to fall back on a Zooper Widget skin that is constantly changing depending on my mood, the Google Search box, and a calendar widget from Sunrise. I feel like I’m missing out, though. Tim does too. You might feel like you aren’t fully taking advantage of your phone’s widget capabilities either.

So, we would love to know which widgets live on your home screens. And if you would like, feel free to include screenshots.



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