Robert Downey Jr. Stars in Series of Color-Themed Shorts to Somehow Promote the HTC One M9

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Robert Downey Jr. is back, this time to help promote the upcoming One M9 from HTC. In a series of color-themed shorts, RDJ and Brian Schaeffer navigate through various genres of film, all somehow relating to HTC’s latest flagship smartphone. 

According to HTC’s website dedicated to the project, “The M9 Project is a series of shorts representing the creative collaboration between Robert Downey Jr., Russell Scott of Jetset Studios, and HTC. Using color as a unifying metaphor, the shorts channel many artistic influences into a narrative that finds Downey and his scene–‐partner, Brian Schaeffer navigating a genre–‐bending series of adventures.”

Below, we placed a few of the 10 shorts produced. Let us know what you think.

To view all of the shorts, click here.




[responsive_vid vid_url=”stv5Tvsq2Ig”]


[responsive_vid vid_url=”y7t_5_DVjcQ”]


[responsive_vid vid_url=”MLHWQ0CGaBw”]

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