Amazon One-Ups Google, Posts $105 Worth of Free Apps to Celebrate Appstore Birthday

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As we all found out, Google’s latest Play Store birthday celebration was not as extravagant as we know the company is capable of. In the past, they have given away a ton of free apps, 10¢ apps, and other goodies to get people excited. This year, we got a free copy of Transformers. Boo. On the other hand, Amazon is celebrating the Appstore’s birthday, and is taking this opportunity to completely one-up Google. 

Included in Amazon’s birthday promotion, $105 worth of apps and games are available, all for free. A few of the games include Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, Unpossible, Deep Under the Sky, World of Good, Cut the Rope, and many more.

Of course, to take advantage of the free goods, you will need to install the Amazon Appstore on your smartphone. And I should note, the app is much better than previous iterations, as this one does not completely drain your battery in the background. As my cartoon pal Clarence would say, “It’s worth it.”

Hit the link below, then download to your heart’s content.

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