HTC to Stream Tomorrow’s ‘Uh-Oh’ Event at 9am PDT

Kicking off tomorrow morning at 9am PDT, and that’s 12pm for all you East Coast readers, HTC has an ‘Uh-Oh’ announcement for US customers. Thankfully, HTC will be streaming the event, so everyone and anyone can tune in and see what they are up to.¬†

As to what we anticipate, we believe HTC will announce availability for the One M9, coupled with immediate availability on T-Mobile. T-Mobile also has an event planned for tomorrow, so it being a coincidence seems unlikely, but anything is still possible.

Last year, as soon as HTC unveiled the One M8, they made it available on Verizon, and that seemed to spark quite a bit of excitement among buyers. The ability to announce a product, then have it immediately available does help in terms of a Blitzkrieg-type marketing approach.

If availability on T-Mobile starts tomorrow, will you be picking one up?




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