Some Google Services Seem to be Struggling at the Moment… (Updated)

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Google Play, Hangouts, and Play Music all seem to be having issues this morning. More specifically, the Chrome Hangouts extension and Android app, Google Play on mobile, and Play Music in the browser, were all having their own issues. Many of us are also getting weird “unusual traffic from your computer network” errors with included CAPTCHAs. So, no, it’s not you.

Let us know if you are experiencing anything unusual with your Google services at the moment. 

Update 8:30AM:  This is the CAPTCHA page we are getting on Google Play. #fackwors

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.32.39 AM

Update 8:36AM:  Others now reporting that Drive and Maps are acting funny as well.

Update 9:00AM:  Things seem to be coming back to normal. Everything good on your end?



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