Will Sell an Unlocked Version of the One M9

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In case you missed it in our post about retailers selling the new HTC One M9, we wanted to make sure you knew that HTC will once again sell an unlocked version of its flagship phone. We don’t have word yet on pricing, but I would imagine it will drop in somewhere around the $650 range. 

Like they did with the One (M7) and One (M8), there will be a carrier-free version that is almost guaranteed to get the newest updates before any other model. With no carrier involvement, the unlocked versions of HTC phones are almost like developer models, in that HTC gets to work with them first. Updates come fast and often, as do new features.

Also, the unlocked phone should have no problems connecting to your favorite GSM carriers here in the US and abroad.

If you are planning to pick up the One M9, this is the model to consider, as long as you don’t mind forking out the full retail price.




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