Here is the Story of the LG G Flex 2

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Last night, LG announced that the G Flex 2‘s global rollout has begun. You still can’t currently buy it anywhere outside of Korea, so I don’t know what that really means, other than they needed another opportunity to get their phone in headlines before Samsung and HTC take over the world this weekend. Accompanying that announcement is this video, which they are calling the “Product Story Video.” Apparently, a “product story video” is one where LG explains what the G Flex 2 is all over again. It’s a worth the¬†quick 3-minute watch if you are interested in this curved “beast.”¬†

I hate to say this, but doesn’t it feel like this phone should have been out weeks ago? We are days away from the Galaxy S6 and One M9 arriving, yet you still can’t really buy the G Flex 2, a phone that was introduced during the first week of January. I know that the G Flex 2 isn’t thought of as LG’s yearly flagship and isn’t supposed to crush the next Galaxy like the LG G4 is, but man, talk about a missed opportunity to get out in front of the pack for 2015.

Still interested in the G Flex 2? If you are, stay tuned, as we will have more in-depth coverage of actual US units before long.



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