YouTube Kids, a Child Friendly App, Launches for Android on Feb. 23

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A kid friendly version of YouTube, called YouTube Kids, launches for Android on February 23, according to a USA Today report. In stats given from YouTube, the streaming site is becoming more of a family hotspot, so it is only natural that Google and YouTube would like to hide kids away from all of the evil things that take place on there. And by evil, I mean it. Have you read any YouTube comments recently? They cause cancer. 

With YouTube Kids, children can view happy videos from channels like Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. Going beyond video, kids are also welcome to watch music videos, and search for new categories. If you use Netflix, then you should know they too implemented this same type of feature for kids of a certain age. It will work with the same outlines.

The app, which will be exclusive to Android to start, launches through Google Play on February 23.

YouTube Kids

Via: USA Today



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