Monster vs Sheep Hits Google Play for $0.99

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A new game hit Google Play this morning called Monster vs. Sheep, tasking you with destroying an angry monster who wants to terrorize your city. Looking like a Blastoise on steroids, you use a large flock of sheep to basically choke the monster to death. 

The gameplay is rather basic. To play, you grab a sheep on the ground and flick it up into the monster’s mouth. If you get multiple sheep down the monster’s throat, you get a combo bonus. This bonus goes towards your score, which is based on a 3 star system, like Angry Birds.

The game features awesome music, smooth 3D graphics, and is all around a pretty cool title. However, once I got to level 6, I found it a little repetitive, even with the levels getting harder and more difficult. In total, there are 32 levels according to the app’s Google Play listing.

The game costs $0.99 and features zero IAPs. Ya dig?

Play Link ($0.99)




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