IFTTT Changes App Name to “IF,” Releases Series of “Do” Apps Too

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We have big news to share this morning from IFTTT, your favorite automate-the-world service. Not only does the IFTTT app have a new name and fresh look, but there are three new “Do” apps for you to start using to help you do things. 

Before we get to the new apps, all you really need to know about the IFTTT app is that it is now called “IF.” The service itself is still IFTTT, but when you head into your app drawer to checkout your recipes, you will find it with a new icon and without the “TTT” on the end. The app also received a makeover.

As for the new “Do” apps, we have three in particular to talk about – Do Camera, Do Button, and Do Note. Each app acts as a vehicle to help you do specific tasks. Do Button allows you to complete tasks with the tap of a button, like say, set your Nest thermostat to 70 degrees or turn your Philips Hue lights on or off. With Do Camera, you can setup personalized cameras to do things like upload pictures taken automatically to a specific Facebook folder or send family pictures through Gmail to your parents. With Do Note, you get a powerful notepad that can quickly add items to your Google Calendar, share Tweets, save short notes to Evernote, and more.

All of the new apps are free, so be sure to give them a look and tell us what kinds of things you have them setup to do.

Play Links: IF | Do Camera | Do Button | Do Note



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