AT&T GoPhone $60 Plan Getting Bump to 4GB, $45 Plan to 1.5GB (Updated)

ATT GoPhone

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According to sources of ours, AT&T’s line of prepaid GoPhone plans are getting upgrades beginning Wednesday, February 18, plus AT&T will also introduce a new $30 plan and a daily data package for $2 daily customers. The new changes arrive only three months after AT&T changed the plans to unlimited data and introduced a new $45 tier. Still, I think GoPhone customers are going to be excited about these changes. 

The $60 plan is jumping from 2.5GB of high-speed data to 4GB of data per month without a price change. The $45 plan is jumping from 1GB of high-speed data to 1.5GB data per month. It is our understanding that these $60 and $45 plans are staying “unlimited” as well, though the speeds will be reduced to 128Kbps once those data buckets are used up. As a reminder, AT&T’s GoPhone plans get to use full AT&T 4G LTE speeds, unlike the 8Mbps throttled speeds of someone like Cricket.

Along with those changes, a new $30 plan will arrive on Wednesday, though it only includes unlimited talk and text, plus unlimited talk to Mexico, Canada, and over 100 other countries. This plan does not have data, but customers can buy a $5 100MB package.

If you are a user of the $2 Daily Unlimited Talk and Text plan, AT&T is introducing to you a $1 per 100MB daily data package.

For existing customers in any of these plans, the changes will take effect automatically on your next plan renewal starting February 18.

$60 a month for 4GB of high-speed LTE data on AT&T’s network without a contract? That’s a pretty solid deal.

Update:  AT&T confirmed our exclusive report. They did mention that the new plans go live February 20, not February 18.



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