AT&T Introduces 7GB “Truly Shareable” Plan With Rollover Data for $75

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AT&T added a new data option to its Mobile Share Value line-up this morning with the introduction of a 7GB “truly shareable” bucket that runs $75 per month and has Rollover Data. Beginning Sunday, February 15, AT&T customers can (for a limited time) find a home with this new 7GB tier, which also includes unlimited talk and text. Keep in mind that $75 is the price for the data itself – your cost will be higher depending on how many lines you add, as each line carries its own price. 

If you buy a phone through AT&T’s Next monthly payment plan, you per line charge will be just $15, so if you had three new phones, all with AT&T Next and this 7GB plan, your total service bill would be $120 ($75 plus $15 per line). Of course, $120 is really just your price for the service – you will still have to pay the monthly device payment on each phone, which could be anywhere from $15 to $30 depending on the phone.

So many fees, so many tricks. Welcome to wireless service in 2015.

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