Gunner Z Puts You in Command of an Armored Zombie Killing Machine

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Gunner Z is a fantastic night vision turret game based solely on destroying zombies and the opposing force that controls them. General Thacter, an evil man to the core, is controlling the zombies as a weapon against good forces. It is your task to wipe them out using armored Humvee vehicles equipped with massive firepower. 

In the game, you roll around city streets, wiping out countless hordes of zombies using machine gun fire and guided missiles. However, the undead are not your only targets. There is also a dangerous arsenal of drones and other vehicles looking to hunt you down.

The game is free to download and play, but beware of many IAPs, some even priced at $99. These are used to upgrade your vehicle and weapons, but purchase should not be necessary.

Now, go kill some undead.

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