Google Acquires Odysee Photo and Video Storage Provider, Team Joins Google+

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Odysee, a photo and video storage/sharing service which had an iOS and Android app, were acquired by Google this week, with the future of the service now taking place on the Google+ team.

Users of the application received a message this morning, stating that service would come to a halt on February 23. If you do have photos and videos on the service, don’t worry, as they are not yet disappearing. For the time being, once the shutdown date comes, users can download an archive of their content for safekeeping. 

The Odysee team is joining the Google+ group at Google, allowing them, “to focus on building amazing products that people love.” We know how much Google+ focuses on becoming our one-stop shop for photo storing and sharing, so a move to gobble up yet another photo storage options only makes sense.

Having never used or heard of Odysee myself, do you have experience with it? Was it good?

Via: TechCrunch | Odysee



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