Friday Poll: What’s Your Average Battery Life?

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I think it’s safe to say that battery tech is about 45 years behind everything else in our smartphones. Our processors keep getting more efficient and powerful. Our displays suck less juice while their resolutions and sizes grow. Our cameras pick up more detail yet aren’t increasing in overall size. But batteries – nope. The only way to increase the single-charge life in a battery, is to make the battery bigger. We aren’t seeing more efficient batteries or battery sizes shrink because they somehow pack more juice into a smaller body. No sir, batteries in smartphones are still complete garbage. It often feels like phone manufacturers are hand-cuffed by batteries, limiting their opportunities to really innovate.

But enough of my ranting, let’s talk about today’s poll in relation to battery tech. I know that your phones aren’t all the same, but I’m still interested to see what the average battery life is like around here. I know that my Moto X (2nd gen) struggles to get me 8-10 hours of use in a day, whereas my Note 4 has no problem lasting until I go to bed at night. What about you? How many hours do you typically get in a charge?

Feel free to jump into the comments and let us know your answer and the phone you are currently using.

What's Your Average Battery Life?

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