Google Now Cards From Your Favorite Apps are Now a Thing, Like a Really Awesome Thing

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Google Now and its lovely little cards, the part of Google Search and the Google app that make your life automated, is now so much more powerful thanks to an integration with 3rd party apps for the first time. That’s right, Google just announced that 40 different apps can now present you with Now cards to “help you out with your day-today life,” giving you the info you need right when you decide you need it. This is huge news. 

In the past, Google Now was only able to look from within Google services (like Gmail or Search or Maps), but with 3rd party app integration, you open up to a world of intense opportunity. Google gives examples of catching up on news from The Guardian app through a Now card, or Pandora giving you recommendations for music that could be played now, or a reminder from Duolingo to finish your French lesson, or a Lyft card to help you grab a car at the airport just after you land.

The list of currently integrated apps can be viewed here, but it includes names like Pandora, TripAdvisor, Lyft, eBay, Kayak, Waze, Runtastic, Hootsuite, and more.

And below, you can see what some of the cards look like (more here).

airbnbcard ebaycard instacartcard  pandoracard shazamcard  walgreenscardlyftcard tripadvisorcard

Via:  Inside Search



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