Twitter Introduces Group Messages and Video Sharing

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Twitter announced a couple of new features this morning, both of which should arrive through its official mobile apps before long. We are talking about private group messaging and video sharing, all within Twitter. These are the first of what may be many new Twitter features that we will see over the coming months. 

The features are pretty self-explanatory – private group messaging allows you to chat privately with a group of people; video sharing is video sharing, only now without a 3rd party application doing the heavy lifting.

As for group chatting, Twitter says that you can create groups with just a few taps, that you will receive a notification when added to a group, and all of your group participants do not need to be following each other in order to join in on the emoji fun.

If we are talking video sharing, Twitter’s new video sharing tool introduces a new camera that was designed to be simple, so that you “can capture and share life’s most interesting moments as they happen.” Cute. You can edit, capture and share up to 30 seconds of instant video without ever leaving the app.

The new features are rolling out to users over the coming weeks, so if you don’t see them yet, well, be patient. Or, continue to use Instagram.

Via:  Twitter



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